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Grinders Glastar Anything in Stained Glassglastar grinding heads Glastar s grinding heads outperform and outlast all other heads three to one The secret is the unique diamond bonding that eliminates peeling creating a uniform surface that lasts -mirror grinding successful-,Telescope Building Pushing Glass and Sawing WoodThe successor to his mirror and grinding efforts dubbed by me the JTK1 this mirror is the JTK2 As it's turned out the Riccioli is my first but not my last And in the drop-down menu you'll see a heading for my most recent creation the Zucchi …… Get More

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Mirror Grinding Home sand washing machine Home Mirror Grinding Website mirror grinding techniques are very similar to those written up by Porter and Ingalls in the 20´s and 30´s

Polishing South Side Machining and Grinding

Achieving a Mirror Finish on most metals requires proper equipment as well as the skills South Side Machining and Grinding has Both With our variety of Finishing equipment and expert group of Polishers we can consistently acheive Mirror Finishes on most metals and alloys


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Basic ATM information EarthLink

Mirror Grinding Classes 6 30 9 30pm every Friday night except for Federal holidays and major snowstorms Chevy Chase Community Center 5601 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington DC but most of our recent mirror-makers are successful at making them much better than that

DMSG Mirror Grinding Seminar Intro

Mirror grinding polishing figuring and testing assistance will be provided by Steve Swayze Swayze Optical David Groski several Stellafane 1st Place Optics awards and Dick Parker Stellafane mirror makers and several experienced mirror makers from Delmarva Star Gazers

Hubble Error Time Money and Millionths of an inch

Hubble Error Time Money and Millionths of an inch mirror in the world—the heart of a space telescope Rigby would have to make sure his team The work was successful but it delayed the start of polishing One spring day in 1979 an inspector halted the grinding

tut44 Making A Mirror Grinding Tool

Making A Mirror Grinding Tool By Allen Malsburry The average person would never think I can make my own telescope Most amateur

Brandes/Hepler Mirror Mirror Page 1 MIRROR MIRROR an

Mirror Mirror is meant to teach a critical lesson about Rokugan just because the samurai are facing the forces of darkness doesn t mean the situation is straightforward that good is good and evil is evil or that the former will always defeat the latter

Grinding Machines BENTELER Glass Processing Equipment

The BENTELER flat glass grinding machines convince due to their optimal grinding results based on precision speed and process reliability The design of the BENTELER mirror coating lines is based on decades of experience in glass handling glass cleaning application of chemicals drying furnaces and traditional glass processing

Mirror grinding Hacker News

Mirror grinding scopemaking net 195 points by Tomte on Mar 10 2017 hide I can remember many weekends when my dad was out in the garage grinding lenses and refining the idea Eventually Celestron became successful enough to allow him to quit his day job Stratoscope on Mar 10 2017

From the kiln of Horace Davis Mirror Grinding Machine

I had an idle mirror grinding machine a modified MOM 20 so I volunteered to grind and polish his blanks and check for strain using the cross-polarized light test Soon three plate glass blanks arrived two 10 inch and one 7 5 inch

Bob Bunge s 6-inch f/5 Ultra Small Travel Telescope

So I did what every poor astro-geek did then I ordered a 6-inch mirror grinding kit from Jaegers It wasn t long before my mother was complaining that the #60

Mirror Surface Grinding by Metal Bonded Super-abrasive

significance in the successful realization of a mirror surface grinding method Table 1 having super ior general-purposed adaptabi I i ty to any mach ine too I and mater ia us ing a metal bonded micro-grain super-abrasive wheel with this dressing method

Fast Mirror Grinding & Polishing The ATMs Workshop

Fast Mirror Grinding and Polishing Miscellaneous Tips and Techniques John D Upton November 15 2001 This article discusses some of the odd techniques I have used in grinding and polishing mirrors Some were successful others were tried and discarded for one reason or another Most of these may be old hat to you but you may find

Changzhou PingHui Machinery Co Ltd Changzhou About Us

The company has 4 a xis tandem CNC engraving machine a full set of computer graphic arts laser phototypesetting system large-scale precision lathes roll grinders 3m cylindrical grinding machine milling machine mirror grinding and polishingmachines and other new advanced equipment s

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics an overview

Mirror-finish is strongly dependent on the grinding direction Grinding at 90° with respect to fiber direction favors the obtaining of best results The spark-out effect on roughness was significant for rapid-feed grinding but small for creep-feed grinding

Grinding 20 mirror Newtonian Telescope 2 stone crusher for sale

The angle grinder is fixed in a wooden cradle on which two curved wooden planks are screwed on each side of that cradle the curves are the same as the ROC of the mirror

Grinding 20 mirror Newtonian Telescope 2 stone crusher for sale

The angle grinder is fixed in a wooden cradle on which two curved wooden planks are screwed on each side of that cradle the curves are the same as the ROC of the mirror

The Joy of Mirror Making Parabolizing BBAstroDesigns

The mirror can be divided into zones such as the edge zone or the center zone or into zones expressed as percentages measured from the mirror s center to the mirror s edge As measured from where the mirror s center rays cross the mirror s axis each zone should cross at a point r^2/2R where little r is the mirror s radius and big R is the

Grinding Metre-Scale Mirror Segments for the E-ELT Ground

Grinding Metre-Scale Mirror Segments for the E-ELT Ground Based Telescope Authors P Comley P Morantz P Shore 2 X Tonnellier Their successful fabrication places extreme demands on the In this paper the grinding of a 1 45 metre scale mirror segment for the European Extremely Large Telescope E-ELT is

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